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Firstly, GML is a non-commission-based App, that works on a small monthly subscription per listing.The GML App has AIS integration that shows pleasure vessels globally and gives the broker the opportunity to add more information to the real-time vessel. (meaning if there’s a vessel anchored next to you, you’ll be able to see if it’s listed or not. Active or Non-Active Vessel. Through this feature, you’ll be able to achieve in moment viewings.

  • This gives the buyer a whole new experience in shopping for their new vessel.Think about it, the Users interest grows in other vessels around them while they’re in full action mode, in the anchorage or Marina.GML doesn’t only show Yachts, but also Villas, Islands and Marina’s.GML has live chat, live messaging and voice note feature.
  • This will create a better client-broker workflow.To upload your listing’s, we have an easy web access page were each broker/brokerage can set up their Profile/Dashboard and easily add and update/edit there listing. Here they can add photo’s/videos and information about their listing. On this profile, they will be able to see how many users have viewed their listings and how many users have liked their listings. They will be able to communicate with users through this profile and they will be able to promote there listing. There is a scoreboard on their Profile where they can see what their most attractive listing are and monitor traffic for that particular listing.
  • They also have to option to archive there listing if it needed to be removed from the market. With one easy button, they can have it back on the market again.Brokerages can assign listings to brokers by connecting their brokers’ user profiles to each listing. Through this feature, the brokers can communicate using the App on their Phones. This will serve well for those impulsive buyers.
  • By using our unique marketing tool, you’ll be able to generate more leads and with the APP keep traction with clients and potential clients. Meaning:
  • Generating Leads, within moment viewings in exotic playgrounds for the fortunate few. This has not been achieved by any other App out there. You’ll be able to generate more cold leads without having split sales commissions. With the Wealthy becoming younger and younger, you can see how this can appeal as a tool for their next Leisure trip.
  • Keeping traction, you’ll have a better view in who your next potential clients can be, by having a list of clients that liked your listing. Through liking a listing, they automatically give consent to receive an update through notifications about these listings. M/Y Blah Blah or M/Y XYZ just got listed or it’s for Charter now. Users can even like non-active vessels. Meaning, the moment the vessel gets listed and becomes Active, the user gets notified and the broker already has a potential client list. Brokers can notify users that the listing is now open for showings and changes that have been made. Galley has been re-done on M/Y Blah Blah, or Coral Villa has a helipad now!
  • We are a non-commission-based app, whose sole purpose is to act as a digital marketing tool to integrate the communication flow between brokers/users and clients. We DO NOT eradicate the broker, nor is our aim to work against them – we are the additional backbone and support for brokers, to better assist with potential leads for sales and/charter opportunities.
  • GML is a non-commission-based App, that works on a small monthly subscription per listing: $100 per listing per month or $1100 per listing annually (1 month free)
  • NO, NO NO-GML is just a marketing tool for brokers to list their portfolios. We want to increase the Client-broker flow. We understand the value of brokerages and the special service they provide. We also understand the damage that the other apps are causing. We only bring the potential client through the use of the app, you need to close them yourself.
  • GML is going Live at the Palma Boat Show
  • Please go onto the broker page to sign up and get your first 2 month for free.

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